Resiliency Ideas Invite Your Participation

Resiliency Ideas Invite Your Participation

Researchers at North Hills CollectivoAt our October 16, 2023 Meeting we heard a presentation from Craig Olwert, Assistant Professor of Urban Studies and Planning at CSUN. His students completed a comprehensive study of resiliency opportunities for North Hills East. You may be interested in reviewing the entire North Hills East Resiliency Report.

The recommendations start on page 35 and include:

  • Establish a Nonprofit alliance with the Neighborhood Council
  • Extend Mission Mile Sepulveda street improvements to include areas south of Nordhoff to Lanark.
  • Increase the visibility of crosswalks by using distinguishable striping and lighting.
  • Create a parking permit system for areas with limited street parking.
  • Change rent control law to cover more buildings.
  • Plant more trees, especially near the 405 to mitigate air pollution.
  • Create a chamber of commerce to create more economic development opportunities
  • Increase LAPD patrols to deter auto-related crime.
  • Create a monthly community event using the park.
  • Create a farmers market to increase healthy food access.

If you are interested in pursuing any of these ideas, especially crosswalks or tree planting, we invite you to contact our Planning and Land Use Chair Derek Santa Cruz.

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