NHENC Takes a Position on Van Nuys Airport

NHENC Takes a Position on Van Nuys Airport

At our April 8, 2024 meeting, we discussed and agreed to submit a Community Impact Statement to City Council regarding the Van Nuys Airport:

NHENC is aware of an increased exposure to VNY jet charter traffic over the Valley airspace. According to CF 23-1339, the environmental consequences born from the influx of private aircraft over the region has not been studied, nor the extent of its need or benefit to the City substantiated. In June 2023 UCLA Pediatric Residents and Faculty released a VNY Health Impact Assessment (HIA) that highlights significant harm being done to children under exposure areas, and that or our collective region. The HIA also recommends mitigation measures that are echoed in CF 23-1339 including (3): Look at mitigating noise and other impacts from the airport on the surrounding area including jet blast and sound barrier installations between the airport and adjacent homes and businesses, green space to mitigate climate change and pollution factors on both the east and west side of the property, and other opportunities such as tree planting.

Since the Valley is impacted by three airports, two of which are considered essential commercial operations (BUR and LAX) and one predominately non-essential private aircraft operations (VNY), NHENC shares concern that the air traffic over the Valley region is disproportionately impacting the health and quality of life of its dwellers and our natural spaces. For these reasons and more, the NHENC whole heartedly supports CF23-1339 and encourages City Council to approve and adopt this motion without procrastination or modification. In connection, NHENC also encourages City Council to reject any aviation development proposal at VNY that does not include extensive mitigation measures and upgrades and until the needed studies are initiated, completed and resulting in the creation and adoption of a the new VNY Specific Airport Plan as outlined in CF 23-1339 so that a new Plan may guide and create policy for such developments that impact the entire region.

See the Council File

We also reaffirmed a related Community Impact Statement on Council File 22-1489

The CIS was in support of the Van Nuys Citizen’s Advisory Council’s (VNY CAC) motion from November 1, 2022 placing a moratorium on all VNY projects until Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) provides a detailed a written report. Presented by T. Romolini, Community Aviation Consultant and Advocate or CD6 representative

Our 3rd related Community Impact Statement:

Discussion and possible approval to submit a CIS to Council File 24-0125 in support of City Council’s adoption of the Travel, Trade and Tourism committee’s recommendation on 24-0125 and supports City Council withholding approval for aviation developments until after a robust process to develop a new Specific Airport Plan to guide developments moving forward. Presented by T. Romolini, Community Aviation Consultant and Advocate or CD6 representative.

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