How Resilient is North Hills East?

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How Resilient is North Hills East?

That is the question CSUN Professor of Urban Studies and Planning Henrik Minassians hopes to address in the coming year. We heard his presentation to the North Hills East Board and community at our September 2021 meeting on the topic of community resiliency. He proposes having a class of graduate students study resiliency in North Hills East and make recommendations to promote:

  • a safe and thriving community
  • strong and connected neighborhoods
  • a prepared and responsive city
  • pioneering and collaborative partnerships

In his Resiliency Introduction Presentation he provided more details about why a plan is helpful and what elements are included.

His students have completed resiliency plans in other communities including:

We will hear more about the next steps in the coming months which may include a community event, interviews and survey to define resiliency indicators in North Hills East. The research team will simultaneously be working on a resiliency plan for North Hills West.

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