Fireworks are dangerous and illegal

Fireworks are dangerous

Fireworks are dangerous and illegal

Fireworks Have Consequences. WHY ARE FIREWORKS IN L.A. ILLEGAL?

Fireworks kill on average 40 people per year. More than 3,000 people are hospitalized.
More than half of those victims are children.

There are many other reasons to avoid the personal use of fireworks, including:

• Our patriotic veterans may have bad combat-related flashbacks
• Our pets will be terrified, and many run away, often never being reunited with their families
• Older adults will be frightened and not know how to “turn the noise off”
• Babies and small children will be terrified and the noise will hurt their ears
• 1,300 homes burn as a result of fireworks (annual average)
• 300 vehicles burn as a result of fireworks (annual average)

Turn in your fireworks

Ready to get those dangerous fireworks out of the house and protect your children, family and pets?
Turn them in to LAPD without penalty. Call 877-ASK-LAPD to find out how.

Report fireworks

You can help. If you have a tip about illegal fireworks in your neighborhood contact and submit your information anonymously.

Find out about the law on fireworks and create your own lawn sign:

You can also call the non-emergency number 877-ASK-LAPD (877-275-5273).

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