As the 92nd Neighborhood Council certified by the City of Los Angeles, the North Hills East Neighborhood Council is a grassroots organization whose mission is to promote and honor the diversity of North Hills East; to strengthen, educate, and beautify our community and act as a liaison between the Stakeholders of North Hills East and the City of Los Angeles.

Executive Officers

Davante Jennings, President
Steven Engstrom, Vice President
Wil Negrete, Treasurer
Evelyn Mendoza, Secretary

Board Members

Jeff Belmont, At-Large Stakeholder Board Seat
Davante Jennings, At-Large Stakeholder Board Seat
Wilfred Negrete, At-Large Stakeholder Board Seat
Tina Purwin, At-Large Stakeholder Board Seat

Norma Cruz, Business Owner Board Seat
Carla Salgado, Employee Stakeholder Board Seat

Carmen Marand, Home Owner Board Seat
Evelyn Mendoza, Organizational Board Seat

Steven Engstrom, Resident Region 1 Board Seat
Angela Flores, Resident Region 2 Board Seat
Vacant, Resident Region 3 Board Seat
Yvette Canales, Resident Region 4 Board Seat

Nadia Moya, Renter Board Seat
Elvira Higuera Morales, Senior Citizen Community Board Seat
Vacant, Youth Community Board Seat

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