What are Neighborhood Councils?

Neighborhood Councils are official agencies of the City of Los Angeles. They are run entirely by volunteers. Their purposes under the City Charter are to involve more people in government and to improve city services to the community.

The people who live, work, own property, or declare a substantial and ongoing Community Interest in a neighborhood elect a Board of Directors to operate the Neighborhood Council. Elections are held every two years, in even-numbered years. The elected Board is recognized by the City as the official decision-making entity. The Board delegates much of its work to committees. Everyone can participate in these committees. Committees make recommendations to the Board. The Board acts on these recommendations at its regular monthly meetings.

How to Participate

  • Come to a meeting. You are invited to speak during the public comment period. Please fill out a speaker card.
  • Request to have an item agendized. Please contact our President with your topic to have it discussed at our Executive Committee meetings so that it may be considered for the Board Meeting agenda.
  • Sign up for our emails. We email out our agendas and news to keep you informed.
  • Follow us on Facebook.
  • Join a Committee
  • Join the Board. Board members must be available to attend our regularly scheduled meetings and take the lead in projects in our community. Check our Board Page to see our openings. If you would like to join the Board, please contact our President with your your interest.
Our Meeting Location: 15314 Rayen Street, North Hills

Our Meeting Location: 15314 Rayen Street, North Hills

Regular Meeting Schedule

The North Hills East Neighborhood Council Board of Directors meets on the second Monday of the Month at 6:30 pm. Meetings are currently online.


The geographic boundaries are the 405 Freeway to the West, the south side of Lassen St. to the North, the Pacoima Wash to the East and the north side of Roscoe Blvd. to the South, with the additional extension in the Southwest corner of the section south of Roscoe Blvd. along the 405 Freeway to the West and the west side of Sepulveda Blvd. to the East extending south to the Metrolink tracks.

We have four regions within our boundaries, shown below.

North Hills East Boundary Map

Map pdf


Supported with a moderate amount of City tax-payer money, Neighborhood Councils have approximately $42,000 yearly to spend at their discretion. Typical areas of expenditure include outreach and administrative support, youth and school support, neighborhood improvement projects, community-based events and activities, emergency preparedness, and park and landscape beautification. Organizations seeking support should complete the Application for Neighborhood Purposes Grant and submit it for consideration.

Please plan ahead, it can take 2-3 months or more to approve and process a funding request before payment is sent. The Board can only discuss and vote on items on the agenda, so completed Neighborhood Purposes Grant requests must be received at least a week prior to the next meeting to be considered for the agenda.

Neighborhood Council Funding System Dashboard

Governing Documents

NHENC Bylaws Approved July 16, 2022

Spanish translation coming soon.

Standing Rules, Policies and Procedures for the General Board English Revised March 2 2020

Standing Rules Policies and Procedures for the General Board Spanish Rev March 2 2020

Standing Rules for Committees English

Standing Rules for Committees Spanish

For more information see our page on EmpowerLA.

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